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Welcome to San Diego CPA - your ultimate local resource for ALL business, individual, and trust tax help. With decades of combined experience, our CPA firm will deliver the unparalleled value of CPA services at reasonable costs while keeping you and your business compliant and prosperous.

With our innovative Business Coaching and Tax Consulting Services, we can help guide you through any stage of business start-up, development, and successful exit. We help you set up accounting systems, budgets, and financial projections to get all your projects funded as well as providing all tax help your business needs.

We are experts in real estate, eCommerce, marketing, start-ups, and all small business taxation, accounting, and compliance.

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We offer a wide range of CPA services from professional tax preparation to innovative tax planning and business coaching. San Diego CPA is your local one stop shop for tax and accounting services in San Diego.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get from new prospective clients, so we decided to list those on our web site to help with transparency and efficiency!

How long would it take to get my business tax return completed?

Timing for completing your business tax return will always depend on multiple factors. Are your financial statements ready? Not sure where to start? Make an appointment with one of our CPAs today and we will help you get your business tax returns done timely and accurately.

How much do you charge for tax preparation of small business?

At San Diego CPA we pride ourselves on being transparent about fees that we charge. Where every case is different, with our clients we find that on average Individuals with Schedule C or LLC tax returns preparation fees range around $400-700. Small Corporation or Partnership income tax return preparation range from $500 – 800.

Why use San Diego CPA over any other CPA firms?

We have many years of experience dealing with business accounting, tax preparation, and compliance and always go out of our way to figure out the most optimal and innovative solution for every client. This out of the box thinking is the primary reason for our continuous success. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. Set up a meeting today to see for yourself!

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