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A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a qualified person who has sat for and passed the CPA exam. San Diego CPA is a firm specializing in accountancy and other related services.

Who We Are

With branches spreading from Southern California to San Diego, San Diego CPA is a firm providing a range of tax-related accounting services. The main areas of specialization include; estate tax preparation (Business Tax Preparation), corporate tax planning, and tax consultancy. At San Diego CPA, we offer professional business advisory and tax consulting services. With these services, we ensure to cover you through the processes of the business establishment, it’s subsequent development, and also business exit.

We are particularly dedicated to seeing our small business clients through basic tax help. Our professionals are world-class tax accountants with the perfect experience in business tax returns, estate tax planning and tax returns preparation, trusts, and corporate taxation. Our services are tailored to help you with business resources such as state of the art accounting systems, financial projections, and budget.

CPA Services

Estate tax preparation

At San Diego CPA, you’re assured of quality tax preparation from our highly experienced team. Preparing for the annual tax season can be quite a nightmare for many business people owing to the countless tax-deductible receipts that need summing up, as well as the annual reports. We at San Diego are committed to ensuring come this tax period; you can carry on with business as usual without much disruption.

Our tax consultants are handy when it comes to tax returns, regardless of the magnitude. Our tax preparation team will provide you chock-full support on matters of individual, corporate, and partnership types of business. We also work across all levels of business, may it be federal, multi-state, or international tax compliance help.

As one of our principles, we do not offer our clients templates, but we provide personalized help depending on the situation at hand. With this, San Diego CPA ensures that your tax liability is optimized and compliant with the law.

CPA tax planning

CPA tax planning is a great way optimizing your available tax credits, lowering the taxable income and reducing the tax rate. At San Diego CPA, our able tax accountants help you maximize profits by helping you plan as well as budget appropriately. The CPAs prepare impressive statements and fillings which reflect the actual status of your business, giving you a rather numerical index of your business performance.

To give a reflective index of your business’s tax health, our tax specialists check the financial statements against a financial statement review. They particular scrutinize your business accounting journal and the general ledger. After this, they generate a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, retained earnings statement, and an overall income statement.

San Diego CPA offers you other tax-related services, including audits of financial information, cash flow projections and budgeting analysis, financial forecasting, and general ledger preparation, among others.

With the constantly dynamic business and corporate trends, our staff is always updated regarding both the tax laws and business environments. This makes San Diego CPA your ultimate partner in tax planning.

Business Advisory and Tax Consulting

A businessperson can seek to develop and grow his/her business, sell it, or even buy an existing business. To determine the net worth of a business, all the records must be exhaustively analyzed. Business advisory is crucial for any start-up business. Time and finances required are very likely to surpass the expected. These factors, if not addressed properly, will cause slow growth or even stagnation of the business.

Our business consultants come handy to help you survive through the risky start-up process and guarantee your complete financial awareness. Our comprehensive team consists of legal specialists and strategizing marketing and advertising experts. The advice and assistance that the San Diego CPA staff offer you will prove invaluable for the future survival and success of your venture.

With customizable services, just any business can seek our services. After a personal consultation with our specialists, they will help you set realizable objectives based on the prevailing conditions. With this, San Diego CPA promotes your business’s growth as well as addresses any unforeseen risks and reduces them. Other financial and tax-related services provided by San Diego CPA include:

  1. Entity formation assistance
  2. QuickBooks (setup and coaching)
  3. Sales tax registration
  4. Business plan development and writing
  5. Job costing analysis
  6. Bookkeeping practices and accounting
  7. Federal EIN registration

Business plans

A business plan is the most crucial tool for a start-up business venture. It shows how a company or a business is to be run; mentioning the annual goals, how it will source funding, and some milestones. To address all the issues satisfactorily, it takes a lot of time, not to mention commitment and resources.

For that reason, San Diego CPAs are handy at developing solid business plans at record time and accuracy. With years of experience, our consultants will, in most cases, provide you with insights you would otherwise miss.

Financial modeling

Financial planning is at the core of business success. The economic world today is so dynamic, and if not planned and compensated for adequately, it may stall or collapse an upcoming business venture. For this reason, San Diego CPA provides financial modeling for your start-up. Our team of consultants helps you develop suitable financial strategies that allow paying more attention to business growth. Since this service is also tailored to each client’s circumstances, the results are more likely to be impressive as compared to using general guidelines.

Management advisory

San Diego CPA has also specialized in advisory services to assist start-up businesses to exploit potential opportunities as well as solve existing problems. Our advisory services are also customizable, just like our other services. You can seek full range advice on your business or advice on a certain matter. Both are well taken care of by our high ranking experts.


Without the necessary capital, a business may not go far past the planning stage. At San Diego CPA, we understand that sourcing necessary capital for your organization is not a straightforward thing. Skill and expertise are also crucial for fundraising. Our specialists are always ready to coach you on the necessary methods to acquire funds from business lenders, equity partners, and investors.

Whether yours is a start-up company or an already thriving business, San Diego CPA is a rich source of business insights that ensure your survival in the current competitive corporate world. For all your business and financially related queries, be sure to reach us.

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